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Ресурсен център за медико-социални грижи и услуги в дома

придружители за пациенти и хора с увреждания

Асистент -придружители за пациенти с цел улесняване придвижването и комуникацията .Специализиран транспорт за хора с увреждания .





EU-асистенс в рамките на Европа се осъществява от нашият Парньор VN Healthcare Bruxell

-reparation of individual plans for patient assistance in accordance with the medical offers they receive for treatment in a particular hospital

  • drawing up medical visas for foreign patients and escorts

  • preparing and delivering an assisted package plan that the patient and his or her companion will use during the treatment stay (airline ticket and providing specialized transport for cases where it is necessary)

  • translations and informed consent regarding the legal and medical particularities of treatment chosen to be applied to foreign patients

  • optimization of the treatment process with an assistant caregiver (for the period of active rehabilitation when the patient is not self-moving)

  • procedure for transportation of deceased persons on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and abroad

  • concluding memorandum of cooperation and mutual assistance in the medical and social field with hospitals in Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., including the training of medical staff

  • signing a contract with a licensed translation agency for translation and legalization of foreign medical documentation

  • preparation of brochures, information materials and conducting of information campaigns and seminars

  • developing joint projects with international organizations in the medical and social field and the integration of refugees

  • creating integrated social, health and education services for socially disadvantaged people


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